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Product features

Frame features:

Our frames are designed with the best quality materials. They are super light and flexible; so light you will forget you’re wearing them. 

  • Hidden foldable hinges on temples and frames so you always look stylish
  • Folds down to pocket size so you can take them anywhere
  • Flexi hinges for maximum comfort when you are wearing them all day

Lens features:

Clip IT lenses have a coating specially developed for people who spend time behind screens. Our lenses filter out the Blue Light that is emitted from devices like smartphones, laptops, TVs, and tablets.

  • Scratch resistant so you don't have to keep replacing them
  • Anti-Reflective coating
  • Easy to clean so you can always see clearly

Lens tint: 

Our ClipIT screen glasses have a slight yellow tint to the lens. This yellow tint helps to block out 20% more blue light than clear blue block lenses and is still aesthetically pleasing. 

Clear lenses filter between 5-30% of blue light while lenses with a yellow tint are able to filter up to 50% of blue light.