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The ClipIT Optics brand was born in 2020, a year of working from home and dramatically increased screen time. A time where breaks from work were less obvious and time away from screens seemed impossible.

ClipIT was created from a desire to support your evolving lifestyle – the lifestyle of the digital generation. Something that our eyes weren’t evolved to cope with. The invisible stresses on your mind and body that can be prevented through proper eyecare.

So, we created a brand and community to help you peak your productivity, improve your wellbeing, and do meaningful work that makes an impact.

Say goodbye to strained eyes, poor quality sleep, and headaches. We’re here to fix all of that whilst making sure you look as great as you feel.



ClipIT Optics is powered by Westcor UK, an offshoot of Westcor SA Ltd. Westcor has been in the optical industry for +40 years operating as the supplier to leading health retailers.

Westcor is a key player in the ready to wear reading glass market and specialises in reading glasses, blue light blocking glasses, sunglasses and optical accessories.

With over 40 years of experience, we have leveraged incredible supplier relationships to make sure that no corners are cut in design, production and supply to ensure that the best possible product ends up delighting you.



In our community

It has been found that an astounding 2.5 billion people worldwide suffer from uncorrected vision impairment. What’s even more staggering is that over 500 million people only need reading glasses to correct their issues but live in developing countries with limited access and affordability to them.

In today’s world, the ability of an individual to see affects their health, educational opportunities, productivity, safety and quality of life. Vision also impacts one’s ability to interact with the environment and other people, leading them to isolated and lonely existences.

Since 2012, Westcor has run a program donating reading glasses to disadvantaged elderly people. For every pair of reading glasses purchased during Eyecare Month, a pair of readers have been donated to those in need. To date we have donated +£1m to this program and over 200,000 lives have been changed for the better.

Each year we are able to improve the quality of life for more and more people. Giving them back the ability to read, knit, sew and perform many more activities they love which without readers they are no longer able to do.


For our planet

As our understanding of the planet's environmental limits is becoming clearer, ClipIT understands our responsibility to drive and measure our performance with a focus on sustainability and our impact on the world around us.

We’re committed to making changes to reduce our footprint as a brand, be it through the design, production or shipping processes or through carbon offsetting projects.

Sustainability is a pillar on which we base all decisions. We will continue to identify areas where we can better ourselves and improve the choices of our customers and do more to limit our impact on the natural world.

As part of our commitment to how we bring product to life, we’re committed to offset any impact we do have, by planting a tree for every pair of glasses you’ve purchased.

This re-forestation initiative is driven by Tree Nation, a global organisation we’ve agreed to partner with.

Tree Nation operates around the world in areas that have suffered from de-forestation. CO2 offsetting, thanks to reforestation and conservation projects, helps to restore forests, create jobs and support local communities and protect biodiversity.